Star Villa - La Lua

The owner of this beautiful villa specified Black Laminate UPVC after trying the product in his apartment for more than one year. During that time he noticed a huge difference to the internal temperature of his home. In fact we performed our own test using a laser thermometer, we tested the internal frame temperature of UPVC verses Aluminum on the same building facade at the same time of day. Our test results were that the internal frame temp for Aluminum was 51 Degrees hot whereas the UPVC frames was only 32 Degrees in comparison. Both readings where taken from inside the building at around 10:30am on a hot sunny day in Hua Hin Thailand. That makes a huge difference in air-conditioning costs! To further compound the Eco effectiveness we used double insulated glass. Not only does this make a huge difference regarding heat transfer but it also cuts out noise, creating a very serene and calm environment.

For the new villa the owner wanted some very large windows and doors that were extremely heavy to make using double insulated glass. A lot of manpower was needed to maneuver the units into place and on two occasions cranes were needed to hoist large units to the upper terrace level.

After a lot of work the results were truly magnificent and the stunning results speak for themselves!