Sukhumvit 31 – Bangkok

Sukhumvit 31 - Bangkok

SSS Windows was called upon to provide a High-end aluminum solution, as well well as blackout and insect screen solution for this condo refurbishment project in Sukhumvit 31in Bangkok.

The biggest challenge was brought about by the large 6.5-meter long door which looks out onto a fantastic view of the Bangkok skyline.The owner wanted to change from an 8-panel door to a 4-panel door to maximize the light and views.

In addition to this, the glass units are double insulated glass, due to the size and weight of each panel they were extremely heavy to lift. Luckily we were able to fit each panel inside the building’s trade-mans lift, however, it took in total more than 9 people to bring the panels into and up through the building.

Some of the frames were hoisted by hand up to the 11th floor through the center of the emergency stairwell. All in all very tedious and stressful work but in the end we manage to complete what we needed to do within the timeframe planned for the job.