Theo & Noot – Soi 94

Theo & Noot - Soi 94

Theo and Noot really enjoy their home located in Soi 94 Hua Hin. Originally wooded windows were installed with heavy dark frames which made the interior look a little dark.

They were looking to upgrade their home and wanted a solution that would give a much brighter fresher feel. The solution was White UPVC windows and doors with double insulated glass for superior heat and sound reduction.

Removing old wooded frames can be a challenge due to the reverse nail practices employed by the original builder. This is where to set the window and door surrounds they bang in nails around the frame then they cement around the frame and nails to secure.

Although there is nothing particularly wrong with this method it does pose a particular challenge when wishing to remove said frames. Many window companies refuse to take on this aspect of the work, instead of relying on the homeowner to engage the services of a local builder.

Thankfully for Theo and Noot SSS Windows are able to offer a one-stop shop, whereby we take care of not only the removal but also the repair and making good. The end result was a fantastic transformation, from the outside the house doesn’t look dated anymore, it looks much more modern and smart. The interior is now fresher and brighter.

A big difference overall!