Over time, wooden window and door frames can become rotten or can swell up, becoming difficult to open and close during certain seasons with particular weather conditions. In addition to this, generally wooden frames require a certain amount of upkeep, with either painting, varnishing, oiling or waxing, after some time homeowners we generally look for a more maintenance free option to consider when upgrading the windows and doors at their home.

Most home owner will upgrade to a UPVC or Aluminum replace product depending on preference and circumstances.

Wood removal can be a tedious affair and as such many window companies choose to not engage in this aspect of the work. The challenge involved is due to the building practices commonly employed in the region whereby nails are driven into the surrounding wooden door and window frames. These nails give the frames additional support once cemented into place. However on removal, with the nail heads buried in the surrounding mortar, consequently some damage to the surrounding mortar is likely to occur.

For this reason many window companies will refer this aspect of the work to a local builder contracted by the home owner. Unfortunately in this part of the world it can be a difficult task to find a reliable contractor and communication is often a major stumbling block.

Fortunately for SSS Windows customers, our company provides a one stop shop whereby all aspects are taken care of. Not only the removal and disposal, but also the making good and final finish in addition to the installation itself.